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Leticia B

"Fresh and Fit Meals has made my life easier by having these incredibly delicious, meals ready for me at Grinder Gym."

Leslie B

"I don’t have to worry about shopping for ingredients and being creative with flavors, it’s all done for me. So worth the investment!"

Lisa S

"Aside from tasting great, it’s the perfect portion of food to get me full without being stuffed….and it is sooo convenient!"

Alison I.

"Not only have they provided me with great service and delicious food, they have allowed me to have some free time back in my life!"

Alyssa C

I cannot say enough great things about Fresh and Fit Meals! The food is absolutely amazing! I think the biggest struggle I find with eating out, ordering in, etc. is that I know I can make something healthier or tastier on my own. Well, that is no longer the case! Fresh and Fit Meals has exceeded my expectations by delivering (literally!) great tasting healthy lunches and dinners. Their food is fresh, tastes great and completely meets my dietary plan! The convenience has become a huge factor since I am a single full-time working Mom. I now have time to work out AND spend time with my daughter since I am not slaving away in the kitchen.

Quinn Miller

This company is trailblazing it's way onto the fitness scene and allowing me to meet my goals! Keep up the work guys!

Becky P

Amazing!!:) I signed up two weeks ago and every meal has been delicious. Chef Joey is dedicated and offers personalized service. (I’ve also lost 5 pounds…total bonus). The delivery option is super convenient and for me, it is totally worth it!! I highly recommend the coconut shrimp. I could eat that every day:)

Jessica C

GREAT FOOD AND SERVICE! The menu is amazing with so many options! This plan as been a great addition to my routine and has made my life easier! I never have time to shop and cook and with Fresh & Fit Meals I’m getting great food and its so convenient! Thank you Chef Joey!

Louie B

Great food great service. Highly recommended! Everything on the menu is delish. I catered a party at my house and Joey, who is the owner is such a delight can cook just about anything from scratch. The spicy mustard mango shrimp was a HUGE hit among many other splendid dishes. Top quality service with a friendly gesture of delicious meals is what makes Fresh and Fit one of a kind!!! 5 stars isn’t enough to rate this edible awesomeness, but that’s all the stars this app has to give. The freshness will fit in your mouth if you give it chance, trust me on this one it is delish!

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