As Fresh and Fit Meals continues it's quest to get our fresh and healthy ready made meals into the hands of our neighbors all over San Diego we find ourselves making more and more deliveries to the beach commuinties.  Ken Noren of Encnitias has been getting his meals delivered to his physical therapy office.  Free delivery has been working out great for him and becasue he has a regularly scheduled weekly appointment for phyical therapy every Monday it just so happens to work out better for him to have his meals for the week delivered there. 

    It's a pleasure for us to run into Ken every Monday in Encinitas and put a smile on his face when we hand him his meals.  We wish Ken the most success with his physical therapy and we hope for a full recovery soon.  We are glad that he has extra time to focus on himself and our service is helping to improve the quality of his life!  Keep smiling Ken....we appreciate you!

Stay healthy my friends!