Recently, while shoppng around for the best meat, we were introduced to Meyers All Natural Angus Beef out of western Montana.  Owner and founder Robert Meyers' mission was to produce wholesome natural beef.  His approach was plain and simple...he went after only the best cattle that came from the best Angus genetics.  He went on to raise them humanely and with an all-vegetarian grass fed diet with no hormones or antibiotics.  They allow the cattle to mature slowly for optimal tenderness and marbling.

Meyer Natural Angus is held to the strictest of standards. They invest in a third party-verified program that ensures the highest levels of transparency, independence and integrity.  That says alot about the beef we have chosen to use.  Alot of people have a misconception about meats being prime, choice, select, all natural, etc.  How do you really know where your meat come from?  What kind of cattle and how were they raised?  100% of Meyer Natural Angus cattle can be source and age-verified back to their ranch of origin.  All are born, raised, fed and processed solely in the USA!

Much like our philosiphy here at Fresh & Fit Meals....taste is everything. Out on Meyers 43,000 acre ranch they only raise Angus cattle, which are known for their superior marbling, juiciness, tenderness, flavor and consistent portion sizing....which is music to my ears!  To top it off, Meyers premium quality beef is graded Choice and Prime for the highest degree of marbling, amazing tenderness, juiciness, flavor and fine texture and here at Fresh & Fit Meals all of our steak dishes are now served with USDA graded PRIME to give our clients the most amazing experience in all of thier steak dishes!

Stay healthy my friends!