Recently Fresh and Fit Meals was invinted on to KCBQ 1170 am, Whissel Wednesdays hosted by Kyle Whissel owner of Whissel Realty.  Fresh and Fit Meals is launching a new corporate wellness program that allows employees of participating businesses to have fresh healthy meals delivered weekly at a substantial savings via the corporate wellness discount. 

   On a daily basis employees are spending their enitre 30-60 minute lunch break chasing a quick bite to eat and rushing back to the office.  With the lack of healthy fresh lunch options out there, most lunch periods are spents consuming fast, processed, greasy foods.  With only enough time to commute and eat, employees often sepnd more time getting to and from the lunch then actually giving themselves a true break from the grind.  Because they quickly ate that greasy burger and fries, the emplyoee is now feeling wieghed down, yawning  and sluggish...productivitiy starts to slow while moral begins to sink.  Can you picture it?

    With the Fresh and Fit Meals Corporate Wellness Plan we are creating covenience and simplifying the lunch break.  No more wondering where the next lunch is going to come from. No more being late returning to your desk because the line was too long at the deli or lunch rush traffic was rediculous.  No more regret from eating a quick high calorie meal.  No more wishing that you made a healthier choice.  Employees can now show up to work in the morning with a bright smile on their face as they settle into their workspace while enjoing a Fresh & Fit Meals Egg White Soy Chorizo Breakfast Burrito.  Come lunch time, employees now have time to get that lunch break workout in, then grab a Fresh & Fit Meals Aloha Chili with pineapple and greek yogurt and enjoy it while getting caught up on emails.  Employees are feeling energized and more productive throughout the work day.  Staff moral is at an all time high as employees are finding themselves healthier and eager to perform at their highest level consistently through the entire workday.  Can you picture it?

    Several companies choose to keep the breakroom fridge stocked with fresh, healthy Fresh & Fit Meals ready made meals for their employees.  Perrhaps you're that employee that wants the best possible healthy choice and the convenience of healthy meals delivered fresh weekly with absolutely free delivery to your home or office.  The Corporate Wellness Bulk plan allows you to have that sense of mind when it comes to your meals all the while saving you $3 per meal!

For more information or to have Fresh & Fit Meals visit your office or workplace to present Corporate Wellness oportunity to your employees please email

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