Recently one of our sous chefs returned from a trip to Peru and could not stop raving about a dish he had.  He became obsessed with the wide variety of diverse meals that he had in Peru.  The dish that stood out for him the most was called Seco con Frijoles, so much so, that he demanded we figure out a way to make our own healthy version and get it on our menu. In order for us to experience the dish, as authentic as we could with out booking flights to Peru, we went to a popular Peruvian restaurant here in San Diego called Eli's Peruvian Kitchen.

Elizabeth Mostacero, founder and head chef of Eli's Peruvian Kitchen, puts together the most authentic Peruvian flavors.  She pulls her inspiration from older establishments she used to frequent in Lima, Peru.  She actually sources Peruvian ingredients from Lima and gets them into her kitchen to create the most authentic Peruvian dishes in San Diego.  We've visited her kitchen on numerous occasions to pull some inspiration from her version of Seco con Frijoles.  After making the dish a few times and adding our own healthy twist, we have finally put Seco con Frijoles on our menu.

Here at Fresh & Fit Meals we strive to bring you fresh healthy meals inspired by popular cuisines from around the world and this week our inspirations comes from Peru.  Add it to your order today so, you too, can experience the delights of Peru on your next delivery!