Wether you're opting to meal prep your own weekly meals or ordering your meals for the week through a meal prep delivery service, people are learning that meal prep works.  Either way you go you have to plan ahead. If you do your own meal prep for the week in advance you will free up more time for yourself during the week. This allows you to not only stay consistent with eating healthy, but allows you to be more efficient on a daily basis.  Taking advantage of a meal prep service gives you back even more of your time by totally eliminating the tasks of having to plan out your weekly meals, time spent going to the grocery store, the time you give up prepping your ingredients, cook time, time spent on properly portioning your meals, and lastly, the time wasted cleaning the kitchen mess created over the hours of meal prepping in your home.  Let's not forget that living a consistant healthy eating lifestyle not only keeps you healthy but helps you live longer...ultimately giving you MORE TIME on this earth!

When meal prepping on your own it allows you to budget your meals for the week.  Figuring out what goes into each meal, estimating how much of each ingredient is needed and the cost break down can add up and get costly on a weekly basis. However, if you put forth the time and effort to do your cost comparison, you can save money.  Good deals can be found at your local farmers market or sourced at any local grocery store.  If you have the time to shop around, good deals can be found.  If you are willing to buy ingredients in bulk you can find a better cost per pound deal but you may run the risk of waste if you buy perishable items like fresh produce in bulk.  Keep in mind, meal prep also saves you from having to dine out. Considering what is spent sourcing all of the ingredients, you will find that utilizing a meal prep service can offer some substantial savings because everything is sourced for you.  You can find meal prep delivery services that are all inclusive (delivery, meal options, cooler bags, etc are all included in the price) and thus saving you even more money. If you keep up with a consistant healthy eating lifestyle your overall health will improve and in turn may save you money at doctors office!

Meal prepping your own meals ahead of time will eliminate the guess work on what to eat next.  Having all of your meals prepped in advance gives  you the freedom to only have to choose which meal to eat.  When taking advantage of a meal prep service you eliminate all of the the guess work.  What do I make? What do I need to buy? How do I make it? What if I don't buy enough?  If I buy too much how much will I waste?  How much time do I actually have to spend on this process?  A good healthy meal prep service takes care of all of those things for you.  They will give you a really good variety of healthy meals to choose from with the convenience of free delivery to your door.

When meal prepping on your own it is very important to make yourself a variety of different meals.  A lot of DIY meal preppers typically find themselves making 10 of the same dish, for example.  While that makes the shopping, prep and cooking easier because it's just one dish made in bulk, many find themselves burned out from eating the same dish over and over.  This may lead to giving up on your weekly plan.  To avoid such a situation it's wise to take advantage of a local meal prep service like FRESH & FIT MEALS that has a variety of 40 different healthy meals to choose from. That means you could eat lunch and dinner for 3 weeks without repeating the same dish!  Never get burned out with eating healthy.

Stay healthy my friends!