There are alot of great thing going on daily at Fresh & Fit Meals which gives me a chance to get involved with every aspect of the daily operations.  There are times when I even get to be a part of the delivery team.  From time to time I take a delivery route and hit the streets of San Diego which gives me the opportunity to meet clients face to face and get some personal feedback from them.  I recenlty had the pleasure of delivering meals to a client by the name of Jimmy E. who gets his meals delivered to his office in Clairemont.

After meeting Jimmy in the lobby of his office located in a busy corporate buiding I asked him how the meals were treating him.  Jimmy had mentioned that with his busy work schedule he was left with little or no time to cook. He went right for the Egg White & Turkey Bacon Breakfast Burrito w/ a side of our Fresh Salsa and raved that it was his favorite meal. He continued to say that he loves the fact that his meals come right to his office and that he doesn't have to go out of his way to find and make meals.  Like most people, before finding Fresh & Fit Meals, Jimmy would resort to fast food which left him feeling tired, sluggish and unhealthy.

As I was walking out of Jimmy's office he said that for the past few months he has been eating clean, sticking to his Fresh & Fit Meals and even started slowly adding some gym time to his daily routine.  Just by making those few adjustments to his lifestyle he slowly started to see a change within himself.  He began to gradually feel better, energized and had lost over 20 pounds.  He did'nt starve himself. He didn't turn to a quick fix fad diet.  He just made a choice to live a healthier lifestyle.

I am greatful that Jimmy has chosen Fresh & Fit Meals to keep him stocked with delicious, healthy and honest meals.  What you read on the label is what you get!  We don't add anythig to our additives, no preservatives, no processed foods. We take the common sense apporach to healthy clean eating.  We don't make diet food...we make lifestyle food!

I can't say it enough, results don't come quick...things do take awhile...but the more that you live it...becomes a lifestyle!

Stay healthy my friends!