Paleo Pops are a nutritious treat. They are little delicious and nutritious energy balls that are gluten fee, dairy free, grain free....and next week we will be including a complimentary Paleo Pop FOR FREE with every delivery!  Our friends at Paleo Pops were kind enough to invite us to their kitchen to show us how they put these healthy treats together and we left with a couple hundred so that all of you can give them a try!

    Paleo Pops uses the finest of natural whole food ingredients when making their energy bites in small batches.  They are dedicated to offering a convenient snacking solution for people who suffer from allergies, dietary sensitivities and diseases.  These treats are perfect for everyone who are simply committed to eating cleaner.

    Alot like us here at Fresh & Fit Meals, Paleo Pops aims to help improve everyone's eating habits and promote a more healthy eating lifestyle.

Stay Healthy My Friends!

To find out more about Paleo Pops visit their website