9 months ago the Fresh & Fit team set out to find our very own location with a commercial kitchen and production space large enough to meet our current demand to fullfill our on-line orders.  We were either going to have to build our own location in an industrial warehouse or buy out an existing restaurant space.  After we did our research and crunched some numbers we settled on a location that is located on a very busy street.  We bought a large street front restaurant, an unhealthy one to say the least.  We shut it down, deep cleaned the kitchen and made it our home!

As we spent the last several months fine tuning our kitchen and production operations in the new location we also began etching out an area to open a store front that would allow walk in guests to purchase individual healthy ready made meals.  I noticed that every block repeats itself.  First it's a fast food joint then a taco shop then a convenient store then a drive thru....  The healthy affordable option just doesn't exists.  The easy option is to use the drive thru to get an unhealthy proccessed high calorie treat for less than a buck.  The obesity epidemic is real. 

We are going to be that healthy, affordable and easily accessible option.  We will be making available a variety of our healhty ready made meals, heathy snacks, protein bars, drinks and other merchandise that can imporve the quality of anyone's life!  Doors will open in just a few weeks so if you're in the area please stop in and say hi...parking is in the back just look for the Fresh & Fit green trim around the big windows and wide open double doors!

If you can't make it out to the store just continue to order through the website and remeber delivery is always free!

Stay healthy my friends!