Fresh & Fit Meals has been a monthly guest on "THE CORE HOUR LIVE" on ESPN RADIO 1700 located in Sorrento Valley, a popular insudustrial district of San Diego, for the past 3 months.  Hosts Anthony Lococo and Oscar "OG" Gastelum invited myself, Joey Ko Founder & CEO of Fresh & Fit Meals, and a guest to take part in a monthly discussion related to healty living.  This month we had Donovan Soriano of Celsius Energy Drinks join us on the show.

I first met Mr. Soriano a few months back at a gym where I was stocking a Fresh & Fit Meals cooler and he was dropping off a few cases of Celsius Energy Drinks.  I thought of Mr. Soriano for the show because I felt Celsius Energy Drinks and Fresh & Fit Meals is a good fit since we both promote the healthier and best option in both of our fortays. Mr. Soriano was full of energy and information about the great healthy and energy benefits that Celsius Energy Drinks has to offer.  We spoke about how he got involved with being Celsius' Southern California front man and his journey to get there. 

Anthony and Oscar both host a great show!  They are all about connecting business, health and fitness like minded people together. They are also business professionals themselves in the real estate/mortgage/financial industries and both compete in NPC Muscle and Physique competitions.  Both are considered Fresh & Fit Athletes and use Fresh & Fit Meals for competition prep. 

Another great radio show in the books for Fresh & Fit Meals!  It was a pleasure sharing our current and up coming events, getting to know Donovan Soriano of Celsius Energy Drinks (thanks for throwing me a few cases of the good stuff) and getting caugh up in great conversations with the fellas of "The Core Hour Live".  Be sure to tune in next month to see who we invite on to the show next!  We will keep you posted on date and times.

Stay healthy my friends!

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To inquire about getting your hands on some Celsius Energy Drinks contact Donovan Soriano via email or follow on Instagram @celsiusofficial_sd @sandiego_fitness