The term "meal prep" is used often in the fitness industry.  Many athletes, health and fitness enthusiast do it because it helps them stay on track with a specific nutrition routine and be more prepared to stick to strict portion controlled eating.  Meal prepping is growing in popularity in main stream society.  Just take a look at social media and you will notice more and  more posts of people meal prepping, meal prep companies poping up out of no where and everyone is starting to adopt healthy eating as a lifestyle of their own.

    When it come to the meal prep process you have to be ready to plan, shop, prep, cook, portion, and pack those meals.  You also have to ask yourself if you can follow through with that process without disrupting your life.  If someone doesn't know how to cook, isn't vey good at proper planning, does not have much time to shop for specific and sometimes hard to find ingredients....then the idea of d.i.y. may not be for them.  However, if you're crafty in the kitchen, love to hit the crowded market, have decent culinary skills, spare time and a ton of patience....we envy you!

    Fresh & Fit Meals has been helping people all over San Diego simplify their life through poviding healthy, affordable and convenient ready made meals. We find that a mojority of our clients are pressed for time, do not know how to cook or just enjoy having the peace of mind knowing that their meals for the week will be already made fresh and will always be heathy.  Whether it be a professional athlete, competitve bodybuilder, the busy corporate hustler, or stay at home mom...with Fresh & Fit Meals everyone is eating the same thing!

   If you look deeper into the math behind the cost of meal prepping on your own versus ordering your prepped meals, you may be surprised at the time and money ivolved.  The average person will spend about 10 minutes making breakfast, maybe 15 minutes throwing a lunch togther and close to 45 minutes figuring out dinner.  That's an average of 70 minutes per day preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner.  That comes to about 6 hours worth of prep over a workweek and ends up being around 24 hours for the month.  One of the most frequenly made comments about why our clients choose the service is that they just don't have enough time to do it themselves.  It only takes less than 10 minutes to log on the website and place an order....even less if you already have an account in the system.  It's even more convenient because our clients don't ever have to leave the house or the office....we bring these ready made meals right to them free of charge.  This allows our clients to use this saved time for themselves, focus on work, shuttling their children around, make hitting the gym more of a priority, etc.

  A common misconception about healthy meal prep services is that they are just over priced as if someone has to break the bank to afford such a luxury.  The most valuable commodity in life is your time.  If you factor the value of your time spent with this process, the amount of time planning, commuting around town shopping, the cost of ingredients (price per pound for proteins and organic vegetable is always up and down pending on agriculture reports, farm production), over shopping ingredients leads to waste and is costly, time spent in the kitchen prepping and the time spent cleaning that kitchen.all adds up to high dollar amounts.  Now take the average price of a ready made Fresh & Fit Meals (average cost $10-$12 per meal) and the numbers should start to make sense.  The value of what's inside that meal from the high quality ethically raised grass fed/free range protein to the organic fresh produce, a wide variety of menu options, outstanding customer service, and the consistency of each meal delivered free week after becomes obvious....Fresh & Fit Meals is the way to go!  Infact, all you have to do when your meals arrive is to heat it, eat it and repeat it!

Stay healthy my friends!