At Fresh & Fit Meals we like to surround ourselves with like minded individuals.  I understand that in most cases a job is simply looked at as "a job" where people just show up, clock in, and put in the hours just to get a pay check. At Fresh & Fit Meals we consider our staff to be team members because everyone plays an important role in taking care of our clients.All of our team members share the same outlook and mission when it comes to health and clean eating.  Everyone wants to be a part of improving the quality of life and health of themselves, each other and our clients.

This month I'd like to shine the Fresh & Fit spotlight on our guy Martin Abou.  Martin grew up here locally in San Diego, went to Scripps Ranch High School and now juggles college classes and 1,000's of Fresh & Fit Meals every week.  As production manager, Martin is in charge of our packing/shipping/delivery operations.  Throughout his teen years he always felt he was a big boy.  He was even a star linemen on his high school football team.  When he left high school and ventured off to college he wanted to step out of his comfort zone and transform his body.

Martin decided to change his lifestyle.  He changed up his eating habits and adopted a clean eating lifestyle.  He joined the Fresh & Fit Family over 5 months ago and has continued with his meal plan.  Martin started to slowly see his body change.  He didn't expect change to come over night. To this day Martin is still eating clean and sticking to his meal plan.  He is also doing an awesome job making sure his department is running smoothly and continues to help improve the process.  This month's Fresh & Fit Meals spotlight is shining on you Martin are appreciated!

Stay healthy my friends!