Carlsbad Meal Delivery from Fresh and Fit Meals.

Are you looking for the best meal prep delivery service in Carlsbad, Ca? Maybe you've been making attempts to find a diet that will stick, or you've tried other Meal Delivery services in Carlsbad that didn't fit your needs. Well, you've finally found what you need to stick to a healthy diet, and Fresh & Fit Meals will save you time, money, and the frustration of not being able to stick to your diet or meal plan.

Fresh And Fit offers Free Carlsbad Meal Delivery with any of our three healthy meal subscription plans.

Since our inception in 2011 Fresh and Fit Meals has been on a mission to make eating healthy easy for the residents of Carlsbad, North County, and the rest of San Diego County. Because we are committed to doing whatever it takes to help our clients stick to their diet and maintain their healthy eating, that means we offer FREE healthy meal delivery in Carlsbad to make it convenient for you to eat healthy each and every week.

With Fresh and Fit Meal Prep in Carlsbad, you can stop shopping, stop cooking, and stop cleaning the mountain of dishes that meal prepping for yourself will create.

How to select the right Carlsbad Meal Prep Company.

The world is quickly becoming more conscious of what they're putting in their bodies, so finding a meal prep company that meets your diet and nutrition needs is critical to sticking to your plan. What sets Fresh and Fit Meals apart as the best Carlsbad Meal Delivery Service is:

  • 3 Convenient and Meal Plans to choose from, starting at only $69 per week our 5 meal plan is perfect for office lunches and on the go meals.
  • We keep our prices low to make it easier for you to stick with your diet plan, we know that having a meal prep service is a luxury item, so we've kept our pricing low while keeping quality at the highest possible levels in order to best serve our customers.
  • We allow you to choose from 40 meal prep options each week. While other companies send you an assortment of meals, stick you to a set menu, or restrict your from picking and choosing the types of meals you get, we offer 40 meals that you're able to change each week.
  • Our produce is locally sourced and organic whenever possible. Our local partner Specialty Produce ensures we use only the best ingredients in our meal prep.
  • We use only the highest quality chicken, beef, and pork products in our healthy meal delivery packages.
  • We offer sustainable, and environmentally friendly seafood options. 

How our Carlsbad Meal Prep Delivery Service Works:

  1. Create An Account on our website.
  2. Choose one of our convenient and affordable meal plan options of 5, 10 or 14 meals.
  3. Choose from 40 menu items, each of our recipes is chef created, cooked in our San Diego kitchen, and delivered right to your front door, office, or another location within a day of being prepared.
  4. Choose your delivery location and delivery day, we offer delivery on Sunday or Monday. We also have 11 healthy meal pickup locations throughout San Diego County.
  5. Each week you can update your order, increase or decrease the number of meals you receive, or pause if you're going on vacation.
  6. Enjoy your healthy meal delivery and spend all the time you'll save enjoying Carlsbad and the rest of San Diego.

Carlsbad Meal Delivery Customer Gwen E

Meet Gwen, A Fresh and Fit Carlsbad Meal Delivery Customer.

Gwen is like most of us, she bounced from diet plan to diet plan looking for a way to consistently eat healthily. One day Gwen was browsing for a Carlsbad meal delivery service that she could trust, as someone who had always cooked her meals for herself, meal prep delivery was something different to Gwen and while she was very interested, she was also very unsure.

Fresh and Fit Meals was lucky enough to get a call from Gwen, who was looking for more information on our healthy meal delivery services. Our Sales director took the call and listened to all of Gwen's concerns about choosing the right meal prep service. After spending some time going through our easy to use website, browsing our 40 internationally inspired menu items, and going over our meal prep plans Gwen was convinced that she had called the right company to handle her meal prep delivery needs. She placed her first order, and many after that, Gwen has been extremely satisfied with our services and that may be due to a special surprise from Matt.

He wanted to meet Gwen, so during her first delivery Matt hand-delivered her meals and took the time to go over the benefits of Fresh and Fit Meals. Putting customers first has always been the #1 priority of Fresh and Fit Meals, so that is what Matt Did.

Still have questions about choosing the right Carlsbad meal delivery service? Take a look at our FAQ section or give us a call at (858) 805-1150. You can also email the trusted San Diego Meal Prep service, Fresh & Fit meals at