Keeping our meals made with fresh locally grown organic produce has proven to be quite the task given the fact the we are continually making thousands of fresh healthy meals each week.  Fresh & Fit Meals has recently teamed up with the great folks at Specialty Produce.  Located on the westside of the 5 freeway near Old Town & Mission Hills, Specialty Produce supplies many of the local restaurants and chefs with the best of the best....and most times they can come through on short notice!

Family owned and operated, Specialty Produce is San Diego's premier food service and fresh produce provider.  They work with alot of the local farms and even have a farmer's market style refridgerated warehouse where we get to come in and hand pick our choices for the week.  Specialty Produce has access to many of the exotic rare to find fruits and veggies, as well as access to everything organic and local.  

Walking into Specialty Produce I automatically feel the positive vibes and energy of the energetic staff.  The brisk cold air of the refriderated warehouses livens up the mood and gets me excited to browse the fresh selection.  Specialty Produce recently took over an adjoinig space and put together a very impressive all organic refridgerated warehouse with a top quality selection of fully certified all organic fruits, vegetables, dairy and almost anything and everything you could possibly need grown, raised or made fully organic.

Not only is the selection superior but the service is to match!  Specialty Produce delivers to us weekly or daily when needed.  With running such a busy operation we sometimes miss things or run low on items and Specialty Produce will send a driver same day last minute right into our kitchen with the goods.  If we ever have an issue with any of the produce, much like we do here at Fresh & Fit Meals, they will immediatley deliver fresh replacement product, issue a credit or offer a questions asked!  That's huge in a business where everything we do depends on freshness and high quality.  It's a pleasure working with our Specialty Produce rep Maribel who knows exactly what we need in terms of high quality organic produce and exceptional customer service. 

To learn more about all of the high quality locally grown organic produce that Specialty Produce has access to just swing by their website 

Stay healthy my friends!